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Our base ingredients


Beeswax is a product of beehives. Worker bees aged 12 to 18 days old secrete it from wax glands beneath segments six to nine of the abdomen. Bees use it for building new comb and capping off ripened honey. The composition of beeswax is complex, and contains hydrocarbons, straight chain monohydric alcohols, acids, hydroxyl acids, oils and other substances. It is a biologically active substance with bactericidal properties. Its moisturising factors prevent epidermal cells from losing water, thereby leaving skin smooth and silky. The beeswax we use is certified organic and comes from the South Island of New Zealand.

Honeycomb close up on the white

Olive Oil

Olive oil typically contains: olein 71%, linoleic acid 11.6% and palmitic acid 11.5%. Some studies suggest it may have anti-ageing properties, while other studies show olive oil can protect against UVB damage. The ratio of vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) to polyunsaturated fatty acids in olive oils is far greater than in other vegetable oils, making the skin repairing function of vitamin E more readily available to the skin.
We are using Pure Olive Oil which has had the oleic acid levels reduced through a natural clay filtration process. This de-acidification makes it suitable for healing the skin and not creating reactivity. It has also been deodorised so it doesn’t compete with the fragrances of the essential oils.
We are not using Virgin Olive Oil because it has higher and inconsistent acidity levels as well as more scent.

Almond Oil

Almond oil makes up about 40% of an almond. It is a clear or pale oil, almost odourless and has the following general constituents: oleic acid 62-86%, glyceride of linoleic acid 20-30%, palmitic acid 4-9% and other glycerides. It is rich in protein and vitamin E and is renowned for its penetrating, smoothing, softening and moisturising properties.


A ‘magic’ active combination

Combining beeswax with olive oil and almond oil provides a nurturing basis for the skin. All three are moisturising and softening. This means that these carrier ingredients in our products are also active ingredients.

We believe that all natural is best! We do not use any ‘junk’ ingredients as carrier material, i.e. emulsifiers, petroleum based products, colours etc which are placed solely in a product in order to achieve a consistency or appearance.

Arnica infused oil

All Tui Massage Balms have arnica in them. Arnica is the common name for several plants belonging to the Aster family. The plants usually have yellow flowers like daisies and have various other names, including mountain arnica, leopard’s bane, wolf’s bane, and mountain tobacco. In countries where arnica is indigenous, like Switzerland, it has long been a popular in the treatment of inflammation and injuries to the external body. The flowers and underground stem (rhizome) can be steeped in water or alcohol to produce a tincture that is used externally to treat sprains, bruises contusions, inflammations of veins, joints, ulcers and poorly healing wounds. Tui Massage Balms contain arnica as infused oil in a non-toxic concentration. The arnica used is not a homeopathic product.


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