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Why use Balms for massage?

Tui Massage Balms are an altogether natural formulation of certified organic NZ beeswax, almond oil, olive oil, Vitamin E, arnica and high quality essential oils.  The semi-solid consistency of our Massage Balms provides far superior friction than massage oil with none of the handling and spillage problems. No more spills!  Massage & Body Balm can be smoothly applied without disrupting the flow of the massage and it will not matt body hair.

Tui Massage & Body Balm is surprisingly economical to use and the golden rule is “less is best”. The client should not have any feeling of greasy residue afterwards and should not feel the need to shower.

No spills and handy portioning means cleaner towels. To remove any accidental residue from linen, rub in some dish-wash liquid, then hot wash.

A Balm for every purpose
Tui Balms has developed over 15 massage products to suit your needs.

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