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Tui BABY BALM is the most amazing product. I have used this on my daugther’s ECZEMA, and it was the only thing that made a difference. We have the baby balm little pots everywhere in our house, car, handbag and school bags. We love Tui Balms.

Tui WARMING & EASING is the best PAIN RELIEF heat balm on the market. I have arthritis mainly in my wrists and ankles. By using this balm in the morning with my medication I make it through most days without too much pain. The awesome thing about this balm is that it lasts a long time and can be reactivated with heat such as sunshine, a spa or bath. I don’t think I could do without it now.

WARMING & EASING is the best balm for me! I use it on my lower back before I go to the swimming pool, and where as before, I became very stiff during my swim, now I can feel the heat and warmth when I am doing my laps! No more stiffness!


I use COOLING & SOOTHING for conditions of inflammation and overstimulation of the nerve endings. Effective for those with very sore feet, fybromyalgia, shoulder inflammation and bursitis. WARMING & EASING delivers a warming effect that is slow and pervasive.

I love using Tui FOOT BALM. It’s not as drying on the feet as powder, and not as greasy as oil. It is absorbed at just the right rate so that clients aren’t slipping around in their shoes when they leave. And it smells great, too!

Tui MYOFASCIAL Release Balm is a great product. Definitely a must-have for any therapist who performs myofascial release. Minimal amount needed to get a good drag through the connective tissue. The best I have found in years!

I live in a valley where there are HEAPS of sandflies. I hate chemical sprays but used to use them as they worked well. Now Tui have put out the Extreme BUG SPRAY, I can use something natural and I feel so much better about putting it on my skin. It works for nearly the whole day! I also like the smell.

Tui BUG BALM is great. With a son who is allergic to synthetic bug repellents we found it hard to find a product that is all natural and works, until we found Tui Bug Balm. Not only does it’s natural ingredients repel mosquitoes without an allergic reaction, but it also soothes bites that he may already have.

Tui LIP BALM makes my lips instantly feel soft and conditioned. Soothes dry cracked and sore lips due to wind burn and colds. Thumbs up from me.

Tui THROAT & CHEST Balm was really great this winter when my daughter had a very bad cold and was coughing throughout the night. I rubbed it on her chest and on her feet and her coughing eased.

I recommend Tui BABY BALM to every new mother I care for on day one, when nipples are a bit tender. Every single mum has loved it and found it so soothing for cracked nipples and they love that it’s natural. Another mum tried it on cradle cap and completely cleared it. Mums use it a lot for nappy rash and have great responses. Fabulous product.

This is the nicest product for healing TATTOOs. Wait 48 hours after the tattoo before you apply. Make sure the tattoo has been cleaned of any dried blood the day of the tattoo and the day after the tattoo. Day two gently wash the tattoo. Dry softly but thoroughly. Then apply BEE BALM twice a day sparingly until the tattoo is healed. Wouldn’t use anything else.

I’ve found Tui BEE BALM heals minor wounds, chapped skin, rashes, sunburn etc in a very short time. Very soothing and hydrating to the skin. I never use anything else now for these conditions.

I can’t rate Tui BUG SPRAY highly enough. It stops mosquitoes and sandflies from biting for HOURS, it feels nice on the skin and smells good. A must-have for summer!

Tui BABY BALM is a great barrier as well as healer of nappy rash. I use it as a lip balm, on my children’s cuts and scrapes, my 2-yr old’s mild eczema, and my husband’s eczema. It’s fantastic!

I use only Tui Balms in my MASSAGE & Naturopathy clinic. I’ve tried other products, but have always gone back to Tui, nothing compares. A great product to use, and washes out of towels so easily.

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